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The following are some common skunk questions that our customers ask us:

I have been told that skunks will leave on their own after 6 – 8 weeks. Is that true?

No. The skunks may leave at some point but most often they will return to other den as long as it is accessible throughout the year. The only way to ensure they are permanently excluded is to use humane removal techniques and to install professional skunk proofing.

There is only one skunk going in and out of the den so there are probably no babies, right?

Not necessarily. Skunk babies remain in the den for 6 – 8 weeks after they are born. And then they only venture our with their mother in the evening to forage. It takes trained technicians to identify if there are any babies present and to use humane, hands-on techniques to remove them.

I’ve been told that you have to catch the skunks and relocate them far away from your house otherwise they will dig back in. Is that true?

No. Following our humane removal procedure, we install professional skunk proofing in all possible entry points. The skunks will not be able to dig back in – we guarantee it! In fact, if a skunk does manage to dig back into your home, we will return and complete the process again for free.

How do I know if I have skunks underneath my home or building?

More often than not, you will have smelled them. But in some cases, the smell is not immediately apparent in which case you should look for digging and damage to your lawn and garden.

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