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The City of Port Coquitlam is located 27 kilometres east of Vancouver and sits at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River. It's positioned in the heart of Metro Vancouver and is part of the Tri-Cities, which includes Port Moody and Coquitlam.

Port Coquitlam is surrounded by a rich natural landscape with 271 hectares of natural areas and municipal parks and trails, most notably the 25-kilometre Traboulay PoCo Trail. Port Coquitlam's parks crews plant over 165,000 new plants and 65 new trees annually, which contributes to fresh habitat for a variety of urban wildlife.

Eastern Gray, Douglas Pine and Red squirrels are found in the Tri-Cities area and will nest in tree cavities or leaf nests, but will also use an attic as a nesting area and may gnaw on wires once inside.

These squirrels and other wildlife species can migrate from Port Coquitlam parks and natural open spaces to your backyard and ultimately to the inside of your home and business.

Minimize urban wildlife migration to your property by limiting access to areas of your yard that may provide shelter and dens. Also, keep ground clear of seed to detract squirrels, mice and rats; put food scraps in your Green Cart, not your Garbage Cart.

Secure your refuse using the Port Coquitlam City-approved wildlife-resistant Critter Guard lock, to ensure you aren't encouraging unwanted behaviour that may threaten your safety or property.

AAA Wildlife Control specializes in the humane removal and control of rats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds and bats. We will solve the urban wildlife intrusion to your Port Coquitlam home and business and eliminate potential damage inflicted by undesirable urban pests.

We will animal proof roof vents, plumbing roof mats/pipes and chimneys, which is an essential step to control wildlife pests from entering or re-entering your home and business for years to come.

With a successful 25-year track record in the urban wildlife control business, our AAA one to 10-year guarantee backs all repair work.

A humane approach to dealing with urban wildlife conflicts and proven methods makes AAA Wildlife Control your urban pest control specialist for your Port Coquitlam home and business. Contact AAA Wildlife Control.

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