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Pitt Meadows is primarily a low-lying agricultural area, situated on the north side of the Fraser River at its junction with the Pitt River. Two arms of the Alouette River run through the municipality, along with a number of other sloughs and waterways. Pitt Lake lies on the City's northern boundary, and the Thompson Mountain Range along the northeast edge.

Although Pitt Meadows is a dynamic municipality with a growing population of 17,736 (Census 2011), it has hectares of rural parcels and open spaces. Its diverse range of lands include forests, wilderness areas, farms, and wetlands including the Diking District (3136 hectares), Grant Narrows Regional Park, Codd Wetland Ecological Conservancy Area and a multitude of municipal parks.

These greenways, watercourses, and trails can serve as corridors for wildlife travel to urban areas such as your backyard and ultimately to the inside of your home and business. Urban pests found in Pitt Meadows include such species as birds, raccoons, squirrels, and rodents, including mice and rats (particularly the Packrat).

Rodents can squeeze through even the smallest opening or crack in your business or home. Once inside, they can cause serious harm to both you and your property, not only creating structural damage but also possibly spreading dangerous diseases.

The Packrat (considered to be relatively large measuring 41 centimetres/16 inches in length), and can easily and quickly damage your belongings or gnaw on wiring or conduits. The Packrat can be found nesting in attics, garages and soffits and will feed on any foods accessible (including pet food) in garbage bins, garages, and composts.

To ensure you aren't unwittingly making your home or business easy access for these Packrats or any urban pests, be vigilant to maintain sheds, garages and access to crawl spaces and attics.

Follow these tips to maintain your outdoor spaces and your yard management to minimize urban wildlife migration to your Pitt Meadows property:

  • Secure food and yard waste in your green cart and put it out on your weekly scheduled garbage pick-up day, even if not full.
  • Put a layer of yard waste (grass/shrub clippings) on top of your food scraps.
  • For the best protection/deterrent, freeze your meat scraps until your pick-up day.
  • Remove clutter and rubbish from your yard, garage/carport, and basement.
  • Move/trim bushes, shrubs, mulch, and vines away from your home/office building's foundation.
  • Keep ground clear of seeds and use rodent-proof bird feeders.
  • Trim grass, and do not pile grass clippings under shrubs or trees.
  • Compost responsibly by turning it over regularly, covering with leaves, lime and soil to reduce odours.
  • Store firewood and piled lumber away from walls and off the ground.

AAA Wildlife Control specializes in the humane removal and control of rats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds and bats. We will solve the urban wildlife intrusion to your Pitt Meadows home and business and eliminate potential damage inflicted by undesirable urban pests.

We will animal proof roof vents, plumbing roof mats/pipes and chimneys, which is an essential step to control wildlife pests from entering or re-entering your home and business for years to come.

With a successful 30-year track record in the urban wildlife control business, our AAA one to 10-year guarantee backs all repair work.

A humane approach to dealing with urban wildlife conflicts and proven methods makes AAA Wildlife Control your urban pest control specialist for your Pitt Meadows home and business. Contact AAA Wildlife Control.

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While every effort will be made to honour your request, it will be dependent on the availability of our field technicians and what particular type of animal problem you have.

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