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Rubbing shoulders with the City of Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge's immediate neighbour to the west, the District of Maple Ridge consists of 260 square-kilometres of land, a dramatic landscape bordering the mighty Fraser River to the south and the majestic Golden Ears Provincial Park (55,590 hectares) to the north.

With a population of over 82,861 (Community Profile 2014) and growing, Maple Ridge is a community that still benefits from wide-open spaces, although over the years, the urban areas have increasingly encroached on wild and natural green spaces.

Maple Ridge is graced with 213 hectares of municipal parkland, kilometres of dykes, rivers, estuaries, and marshland, and a unique network of over 100 kilometres of equestrian trails. These watercourses, trails, and greenways can serve as corridors for wildlife travel to urban areas such as your backyard and ultimately to the inside of your home and business. Urban pests include such species as raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats (particularly Norway and roof rats) and various birds (pigeons and starlings).

Norway rats build their nests in wall voids, underneath sidewalks or decking, and may also nest in vegetation. To ensure you aren't unwittingly making your home or business easy access for urban pests, maintain sheds, garages and access to crawl spaces and attics.

Important precautions to take to minimize urban wildlife migration to your Maple Ridge property include:

  • Limit access to areas of your yard that may provide shelter and dens, including under/in sheds and wood piles.
  • Take excess yard and garden trimmings that don't fit in your compost to Maple Ridge Transfer Station.
  • Keep ground clear of seeds (use rodent-proof bird feeders) to detract squirrels, mice and rats.
  • Don't leave extra pet food out and store it in a secure container.
  • Compost responsibly by turning it over regularly, covering with leaves, lime and soil to reduce odours.
  • Reduce vegetative cover (trim vines from buildings and fences).

AAA Wildlife Control specializes in the humane removal and control of rats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds and bats. We will solve the urban wildlife intrusion to your Maple Ridge home and business and eliminate potential damage inflicted by undesirable urban pests.

We will animal proof roof vents, plumbing roof mats/pipes and chimneys, which is an essential step to control wildlife pests from entering or re-entering your home and business for years to come.

With a successful 25-year track record in the urban wildlife control business, our AAA one to 10-year guarantee backs all repair work.

A humane approach to dealing with urban wildlife conflicts and proven methods makes AAA Wildlife Control your urban pest control specialist for your Maple Ridge home and business. Contact AAA Wildlife Control.

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