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The following are some common rat questions that our customers ask us:

How to get rid of rats without any dead animals being left behind?

We do not use any poisons at all, which avoids the potential of animals dying an inhumane death in inaccessible areas. We use a combination of live traps, one way doors and snap traps to accomplish a complete rat removal process. We follow this with professional rat proofing of external entry points to stop future rats from entering.

I’ve never seen any droppings in the house so I don’t think the noise I’m hearing is a rat. Is that true?

Not at all. Majority of rat infestations will occur without the rats entering the living space (ie: kitchen, basement, living room). Although rats have the stunning ability to enter most kitchens if they choose, in most cases they come and go to the outside of the building for food and water and prefer to live unnoticed in the attic or walls.

We only hear one rat in the attic from time to time, so it must mean it is a new problem?

No. Unfortunately, rats are very social animals and mate very frequently. Remembering rats can go virtually unheard for periods weeks at a time, there is always a likelihood there are multiple rats. We never know how many rats are active until the last rat has been caught.

How do I know if I have rats in my home or building?

Rats are very difficult to spot and can go unnoticed for a very long time. Sometimes rats are very noisy while other times only sporadic faint noises are heard over time. Rat droppings are indications of activity and can be found along their pathways and at entry points. Our technicians are trained to detect the most obscure entry points and evidence of rat activity.

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