Stewart & Danielle, The Problem Solvers

I just wanted to write to let you know of the fantastic service that I received from Stewart and Danielle. Danielle was courteous and very efficient in getting someone to follow up with me (every time that I phoned). Stewart was personable, extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. He looked at my home with a skilled eye and always had a solution for me.

Dan Newbrook, The Rat Man

Dear AAA Wildlife Control Manager,

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank-you, not only for solving our rat problem but for the superb service.

Dan Newbrook and his partner (fondly referred to as the Rat-men by my son) were absolutely fantastic. They were kind, courteous, professional and thorough. Needless to say, the whole family looked forward to their visits (we don’t get out much!) and they were fantastic with my young son who is curious about everything. They took the time to explain everything that needed to be done and they helped prioritize our issues. They also were very respectful in our home by removing footwear, being wary of our young children and cleaning up after themselves. While we hope we won’t have need for them to visit again, I would definitely come to your company first even if it is more expensive. We will be sure to recommend ‘the rat-men’ and would be happy to act as a reference on their behalf. Please thank Dan and his partner again...and give them a big bonus -they deserve it.

Who Really Benefits From Trapping and Relocation?

By far, the majority of the public believes that trapping and relocating wildlife is a good solution to a problem they are having with "nuisance wildlife".

The public thinks that if the offending animal is trapped and relocated and the number of animals in the neighbourhood is ultimately reduced, then the problem will go away. This couldn't be further from the truth.

What is Driving Wildlife into Urban Areas and Our Homes?

Homeowners in Canada are often asking themselves, what is it that is causing wildlife to move into our urban communities and set up shop in our homes? The more that urban development expands into the natural habitats of wild animals, the more those wild animals are forced to move into our own urban settings for survival.

What AAA Wildlife has also noticed, is that not only are the number of animals and incidences increasing, but the species are also changing. Particular types of animals which were not seen before are now showing up in urban areas. For homeowners that are struggling to deal with this challenge, AAA Wildlife is working hard to keep up with this growing problem, learning to deal with a variety of species that may be causing problems for home owners.

Common Raccoon Problems for Greater Vancouver Homeowners

The raccoon population in Vancouver and surrounding communities is healthier than ever. This poses an ever greater threat to home owners throughout Greater Vancouver.

Writer Pete McMartin contacted AAA Wildlife’s Randy Celinski who, in this article published in the Vancouver Sun, answers some interesting questions about raccoons and helps provide some insight into how we relate to them.

Through a variety of stories and misadventures, the article explains how dealing with our urban wildlife friends isn’t always so simple. It is often baffling what they are capable of and what they can learn. And, despite the mess and damage they can leave behind, our sympathy and nurturing qualities can often make it difficult for us to do what is best, both for the animal and ourselves.

If you have a raccoon problem around your building or home, please contact us today and have them removed safely and humanely.

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