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FACT: Most sparrows and starlings lay
6 to 7 eggs twice per year. Whereas, pigeons
can lay 2 to 4 eggs all year round. One or two
young usually die in these nests. Both, the nests
and droppings can cause significant odour, damage
and human health concerns...CALL US TODAY

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Bird Removal & Bird Control

Bird removal and bird controlAAA Wildlife Control will take care of bird removal and bird control for your Vancouver home now! And Guarantee To Keep Them Out.

Where are Birds Commonly Found?

Up high: Birds will nest just about anywhere that can provide shelter, including roof vents, wall vents, chimneys, soffits and roofs. Nests are not always neat and tidy and can extend over several feet in a vent or chimney.

Inspection & Assessment

Complete building inspection: We will assess your entire premises and advise you of any concerns that we find. Because this is a comprehensive audit, we will present you with a list of necessary repairs or maintenance that we feel your structure requires for effective bird control, and control of other animals.

Noise and smell: Birds can be noisy, especially young hungry birds that are calling for food from their mother. Bird entry points can be identified by broken vents, protruding nest material as well as bird droppings.

Nest location: We will then locate all of the bird nests and continue by determining the most appropriate method of removal.

Effective Bird Removal

Hands-on: Simply repairing the broken vent is not adequate as mother birds will re-enter or simply feed their young through the vents. It requires trained technicians to assess the age of the young birds and determine the best method of bird removal.

Birds and nest: All the birds are fully removed including the nest when it is accessible. If baby birds are located that are not yet able to fly away with their mother, a baby box will be temporarily installed near the previous nest to allow them to mature and relocate at a later date.

Eliminate attracting odours: It is important that nesting and entry areas are deodorized to eliminate the attraction to other animals.

GUARANTEED BIRD CONTROL!: Our wildlife technicians will seal all the potential openings in your building with heavy gauge galvanized steel screening. All materials used for bird control are of the highest quality and are guaranteed for up to ten years.

Why Our Approach is Best

Legal: The inhumane killing, trapping or relocation of animals is illegal in many municipalities and we take strides to educate our customers so they understand how our bird removal and bird control process meets these requirements.

Humane: Our wildlife technicians are specially trained for bird removal in a manner that prevents undue stress or injury and takes into consideration mothers and their babies.

Cost effective: We also ensure that the entire bird family is removed without harm. This avoids future expenses that can occur when mother birds are removed without consideration for babies that could be left to die within the building. The removal of carcasses is time consuming, costly and poses a health risk.

Industry leaders: Our focus on innovation, education and prevention makes us a leader in the wildlife control industry.

Service: We have been satisfying customers for over 25 years and are looking forward to serving you.

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