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FACT: The most common wildlife found in Tsawassen attics is Norway rats, roof rats, raccoons and all types of squirrels. Quick action is a must or their nests and droppings will attract insects, doubling the severity of an infestation... Call Us Today

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Tsawassen Wildlife & Animal Control Services

Tsawwassen is a thriving, mostly residential community, located on a peninsula in south-west Delta, a verdant suburb near the B.C. Ferries' Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, which links the mainland to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The southern boundary of Tsawwassen is the border with the United States.

With a population of 20,933 (Stats Canada 2011 Census), Tsawwassen, together with Ladner are also known as South Delta.

There are dozens of parks within Tsawwassen such as Beach Grove Park, Diefenbaker Park, Fred Gingell Park, Highland Park, Winskill Park, as well as, Boundary Bay Regional Park and Boundary Beach Park Reserve that provide habitat for urban wildlife. Boundary Bay is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area on the Pacific Flyway.

South Delta is home to an array of urban wildlife including various birds, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, possums, and rats. Urban wildlife species can migrate from South Delta parks and natural open spaces to your backyard and ultimately to the inside of your home and business.

Prevention is the key so maintain your roof and other access areas to avert unwelcome tenants. Ensure you aren't unwittingly making your home or business easy access for urban pests and maintain sheds, garages and access to crawl spaces and attics. Trim branches that provide rooftop access and be sure you are not feeding squirrels unintentionally by securing garbage bins and composts. Do not overflow bird feeders with seeds; it's best to use a squirrel-proof feeder. Make certain that all potential food sources are eliminated and determine where they may be residing on your property.

AAA Wildlife Control specializes in the humane removal and control of squirrels, birds, rats, raccoons, skunks, and bats. We will solve the urban wildlife intrusion to your Tsawwassen home and business and eliminate potential damage inflicted by undesirable urban pests.

We will animal proof roof vents, plumbing roof mats/pipes and chimneys, which is an essential step to control wildlife pests from entering or re-entering your home and business for years to come.

With a successful 25-year track record in the urban wildlife control business, our AAA one to 10-year guarantee backs all repair work.

A humane approach to dealing with urban wildlife conflicts and proven methods makes AAA Wildlife Control your urban pest control specialist for your Tsawwassen home and business. Contact AAA Wildlife Control.

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