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Wildlife Control Problems Around Greater Vancouver

There used to be a time when a raccoon in your attic used to be your biggest pest or wildlife control problem. But now in today’s society, its not a question of just getting rid of the unwanted wildlife in your Lower Mainland home, but rather HOW you intend to get it out and HOW the wildlife is treated both during and after the process of it being removed. The times are a changing, and wildlife and pest control agencies are being forced to change with it.

Many homeowners across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland would love to see their wildlife intruders dealt with in a humane and compassionate way. However, only compassionate wildlife control agencies with sufficient staff and resources will be able to safeguard the lives of animals and meet customer expectations. In an industry that is relatively unregulated and free of licensing and formal training, finding a Wildlife Control agency that can meet everyone’s needs could be a tough, and nearly impossible task.

One method to remove, but not harm the wildlife physically, was to set up a trap and then relocate the wildlife back into the wild. While this method was successful for years, as time moved on it became apparent that this method increased the potential of spreading diseases when the wildlife was sent back into its natural habitat. Because of this, wildlife control agencies have taken a more straightforward approach to removing unwanted pest and wildlife, but have been met with a strong resistance from the public.

Is this a real problem for wildlife control agencies or case of consumers asking too much? This question will loom large for Greater Vancouver residents and wildlife control agencies and there appears to be no resolution in sight. To get the most humane wildlife removal, call AAA Wildlife Control.

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