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What is Driving Wildlife into Urban Areas and Our Homes?

Homeowners in Canada are often asking themselves, what is it that is causing wildlife to move into our urban communities and set up shop in our homes? The more that urban development expands into the natural habitats of wild animals, the more those wild animals are forced to move into our own urban settings for survival.

What AAA Wildlife has also noticed, is that not only are the number of animals and incidences increasing, but the species are also changing. Particular types of animals which were not seen before are now showing up in urban areas. For homeowners that are struggling to deal with this challenge, AAA Wildlife is working hard to keep up with this growing problem, learning to deal with a variety of species that may be causing problems for home owners.

In Toronto, wildlife officers have reported that residential homeowners are often quick to react to sightings in their neighborhoods. Many wildlife sightings – foxes and coyotes in particular – are of no danger to humans, but it never hurts to play it on the safe side. If an animal decides to turn your basement or attic into a private residence, it is highly advised to phone a professional wildlife removal company. For a homeowner to take on this work themselves can be hazardous, as there are different techniques for each type of species.

In Canada we are relatively unscathed, when compared to other countries that are forced to deal with urban wildlife. We must never forget, however, that most communities in Canada are on the border of development and wilderness, and that wild animals need their space to live as well. The more we can do to safely and ethically move these animals away from our neighborhoods, the safer it is for our families.

We at AAA Wildlife specialize in removing wildlife of all types from urban settings. Whether its rats, raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks or bats, we have the experience and the training to manage the removal of urban wildlife. We can be easily contacted throughout the Lower Mainland, should you have an emergency that needs to be dealt with.

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