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Vancouver Rats: Pest Numbers Increase in Cold Wet Weather

It’s cold and wet in Vancouver which means that everyone is spending more time indoors where it is warm and dry. This doesn’t just apply to us humans. Pests such as rats quickly adapt to wet weather and cold spells by locating openings in homes and setting up a new place of residence. We have had a large number of calls and emails recently from homeowners who are complaining about noises in their attic or walls – a sure sign that a rat or similar pest has found an external entry point and is planning to spend the winter in your home.

If you notice any of the following, you will want to contact a wildlife expert ASAP to have your home assessed and have the animals humanely removed:

  • As mentioned already, noises in the walls, crawlspaces or attic are surefire indicators that you have a pest or wildlife problem
  • Torn or chewed siding, flashing, soffits, shingles, gutters and so on may be indicators of forced wildlife entry
  • Droppings or fur/hairs around an entry point accompanied by strong smells are indicators of recent activity
  • It is even possible for animals like squirrels to build large, unwieldy nests in chimneys which can create fire hazards

It is vitally important that if you think you have a pest or wildlife problem that you deal with it ASAP. Your chances of permanently excluding the pest is much better if you catch it earlier (ie. before they mate and have babies). In addition to increasing the population of pests in your home, babies are far more difficult to deal with humanely and create all sorts of problems (not the least of which is the health hazards and noxious smells that can result if only the mother is removed and the babies die in the home).

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