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Tips for Humane Bat Removal in Vancouver

bat removal tips in Vancouver | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver
Tips for humane bat removal in Vancouver. In the Greater Vancouver Area, you will find about ten species of bats. While bats tend to make their homes in caves, abandoned buildings, mine shafts and trees, they often find shelter in attics and chimneys.

If you have bats in your home, here are some steps you can take to get rid of them:

Step 1: Inspection

The first thing you must do in your efforts to get rid of bats is to perform an inspection to find how the bats access and leave your home.

Step 2: Identify the bat species

You will then need to identify the bat species you are dealing with. This step is important as different bats have different habits that might affect the removal process.

Step 3: Expel the bats

Once you’ve discovered the bats in your home, never try to trap them. Instead, allow them to fly out and then prevent them from flying back in.

Step 4: Seal access points

After expelling the bats, seal all the areas from which they can regain access. Before you seal your attic or chimney, ensure all the bats have left, and you do not seal any of them inside.

Step 5: Clean up

Bats leave droppings in areas they have inhabited. So, after you’ve gotten rid of the bats in your home, you will need to clean up.

Step 6: Call an animal control technician

If you are finding it difficult to accomplish humane bat removal on your own, you may want to call a wildlife removal company for help.

Are you searching for a Vancouver bat removal specialist?

If you are searching for a Vancouver bat removal specialist, contact us at AAA Wildlife Control. At AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver, we will assess your entire building and advise you of any concerns that we find. Since we perform a comprehensive audit, we will present you with a list of necessary repairs or maintenance that we feel your structure requires for effective bat control, and control of other animals.

We will then locate the bat colonies and determine the most appropriate method of bat removal. If there are young bats on your premises, our technicians may need to return when they are old enough to fly. This will ensure that the babies are not left to die and decay inside your building causing odours and health problems. When we’ve removed the bats, we will deodorize the area to deter other animals from being attracted and prevent unpleasant smells from entering your work and living areas.

So, do not wait any longer. Call us today to help with bat removal.

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