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Tips to Eliminate Human-Wildlife Conflict on Your Property

wildlife conflict & animal control on squirrels | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver
The negative impact that interactions between humans and wild animals have on people and their resources or wild animals and their habitat are known as human-wildlife conflict.

To eliminate human-wildlife conflict on your property, here are some things you can do:

1. Remove food sources

One of the reasons wild animals may find their way onto your property is for food. So, to keep them at bay, you should remove food sources. This means you will need to clean bird feeders and secure your garbage or remove it from your yard completely. You should also keep your pet food indoors and pick up fruits that have fallen off trees around your home.

2. Eliminate shelter

Another thing wild animals are searching for when they wander onto your property is shelter. Piles of bushes, extremely tall grass, junk and stacks of firewood provide hiding places for wildlife. Remove all potential hiding places to keep wild animals from making their home on your property.

3. Bar entry points

Another method for keeping wildlife away is to put up barriers in areas where hey might gain access. Chimney covers, soffit vents fences around gardens and under decks are helpful for this purpose. However, before you seal entry points, ensure there are no animals already inside as this may lead to serious problems.

4. Agitate

Visual repellants such as lights or scarecrows are useful for keeping wild animals away. You may also use noise as a deterrent.

Hire an animal control company

If you have a wildlife problem that you cannot handle on your own, it may be time to hire a professional to remove the animals from your property. An animal control company will help you to get rid of the wildlife you already have and prevent other animals from invading your property.

Do you need wildlife conflict proofing in Vancouver?

If you are searching for an animal control company to help eliminate human-wildlife conflict in Vancouver, contact us at AAA Wildlife.

At AAA Wildlife, you will find a team of Vancouver animal control experts who offer fast, effective and environmentally responsible animal removal and wildlife proofing. We will remove unwelcome guests such as raccoons, rats, squirrels, birds, skunks, bats and any other wild animals you have lurking on your property.

While any company can call themselves humane, AAA Wildlife’s AnimalKind accreditation means you can rest assured that we only use humane wildlife control solutions.

So, what are you waiting? Call us today to request a free estimate for our Vancouver animal control services.

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