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The 6 Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wildlife Removal

Earlier in May, we came across an article that details one of the many dangers of employing “do-it-yourself” wildlife removal techniques. In the article published by The Record in Kitchener Ontario, a homeowners inadvertently started a fire in their home causing over $100,000 in damage to the home. The homeowner attempted to setup a makeshift raccoon deterrent by putting a radio and a halogen light in the attic. Unfortunately, the heat from the light ended up sparking a flame which caused the house to catch on fire. Yes, the raccoons were deterred…but so were the homeowners who were forced to evacuate and are now left repairing the damage.

The following are some other reasons why DIY wildlife removal is not recommended:

  • Disease: Perhaps the most important danger is that wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats, skunks and various bird species can carry disease. Or, if they aren’t carrying disease then you can be sure that their feces and droppings are. Professional wildlife companies have experience identifying and dealing with the many wildlife related sources of disease.
  • Safety: Climbing in attics, under decks and in crawlspaces can be dangerous. It is often best to let professionals, with the right tools and equipment, access and view these tight spaces on your behalf. Further, some wildlife can actually cause damage to the wood frames, plumbing and electrical wiring in homes which can be a major hazard for those without training.
  • Damage: Wildlife aside, you can actually cause in damage by crawling around in your attic or crawlspace. It may be as minor as damaging some drywall or as major as starting a fire. Either way, damage and the associated costs can be avoided when you hire a professional.
  • Humane removal: AAA Wildlife Control is trained to remove all wildlife in a humane manner. This means that we do not employ any poisons and we ensure that the animals are provided an opportunity to find a new place of residence outside of your home.
  • Complete removal: Wildlife experts have the training necessary to spot all of the wildlife nesting locations in your home. This ensures that all the animals are removed the first time so that offspring and other animal group members are not left to continue to damage and infest the home.
  • Exclusion: Nobody wants to have to remove wildlife over and over again. AAA Wildlife Control ensures that all the access points for your animal pests are sealed up tight to prevent re-entry in the future.

If you have any questions about your home or any wildlife challenges you are having, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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