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Vancouver Animal Control: Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal, Skunk Control | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver
Even though skunks are small creatures that are on average 20 to 30 inches long (including their tails) and weigh between 6 and 10 pounds, they can strike fear in human beings. No one wants to be caught by a skunk’s sulfuric spay that can reach up to 10 feet and can be detected from up to a mile and a half away. The smell from the skunk’s spray can permeate clothes, skin, and fur to last for weeks. Here’s a couple of suggestions & preventatives on skunk removal.

Where do skunks live?

Skunks can live in varying habitats if there is food, water, and shelter nearby. They usually make their dens in the hollows of trees, hollowed logs and burrows abandoned by other animals. If they cannot find any other shelter, they may resort to digging holes themselves.

What to do if you discover a skunk den

Although skunks tend to shy away from human interaction, they at times make dens under decks, porches, sheds, houses or other solid foundations around your home.

While skunks can adapt to urban and suburban settings, they will still attack if they are startled or feel threatened. In addition to the increased risk of getting sprayed, skunks can cause significant damage to your property. When skunks burrow into the ground to find grubs and worms and they leave holes in your yard. If they make their dens under your house, they can cause damage to your foundation, vent nets and plumbing. They may even damage electrical wires making your home more susceptible to fire.

In the Summer months, skunks can sometimes find shelter under a house for only a few nights before moving on to somewhere else. However, even in the space of a few nights, skunks can do substantial damage.

If you discover a skunk den near on your property, you should call an animal removal company to have them relocated.

Are you searching for an animal removal company in Vancouver?

If you are searching for an animal removal company to help you get rid of skunks in Vancouver, contact us at AAA Wildlife.

AAA Wildlife is a Vancouver animal control company that offers a 100% humane approach to skunk removal. Our technicians will first attempt to gain access to the den and use various techniques to remove the skunks gently.

Skunks will commonly have five or six alternate den sites. So, our technician will search for all their dens and repair them. They will also screen for areas where skunks may be able to gain entry and install galvanized steel screening into the ground to guarantee skunk control for up to five years. After our technicians have removed the skunks and repaired entryways to your yard, they will deodorize the area to prevent other animals from being attracted to your home.

Are you looking for skunk removal services in Vancouver? Contact us today!

If you are ready to protect your home from skunks and other forms of wildlife this summer, call us today to request a free quote for our animal removal services.

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