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Rats, Racoons and Squirrels in Lower Mainland Attics

Attics are a common place for rats, raccoons, squirrels and other animal-related infestation in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Though typically found in basements or between walls, they can often be found in attics as well. Squirrels, rats and raccoons are all adept climbers and can easily climb trees or scale walls in an attempt to find shelter. They can cause damage to your home’s insulation, electrical wiring and ceilings. Once inside your attic, these pests can be tough to remove without the help of a wildlife professional – especially if offspring and a nesting site are involved.

How do they get there?

The most common wildlife found Vancouver attics are Norway rats, roof rats, raccoons and all types of squirrels. Rats and squirrels are especially challenging because they can squeeze through spaces much smaller than their body. They’re also all incredibly good climbers. Often people are surprised when they find raccoons in their attic, but considering their climbing skills and their ability to fit into small openings, attics are actually a common place for these kinds of infestations. Squirrels, of course, are incredible climbers so it’s no surprise when they’re discovered in people’s attics.

How serious a problem is it?

Infestation in your home’s attic is a serious problem. Rats, raccoons and squirrels can cause serious damage and can attract further infestation.

Raccoons, rats and squirrels instinctively gnaw, chew and tear whatever they can get their hands on. Not only will they damage the contents of your attic, but also it’s structure as well. They’ll chew and tear through fiberglass insulation and drywall, creating holes in your ceiling and affecting its structural integrity. Rats, love to chew electrical wiring, which can cause power outages and create a fire hazard. If these pests aren’t dealt with quickly their nests and droppings will attract insects, doubling the severity of an infestation.

How do I get rid of them?

It’s never advised that you try to remove raccoons, rats or squirrels from your home’s attic by yourself. You risk infection or illness from receiving scratches and bites and there’s no guarantee that you’ll have solved the problem. It’s always recommended that you hire a wildlife professional to ensure the safety of your family and the protection of your home.

Vancouver Wildlife offers humane wildlife services to homes all over the Lower Mainland and specializes in the removal of raccoons, rats and squirrels. If you think you may have an animal problem in your attic, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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