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In the Media – AAA Wildlife and Pest Control, Vancouver

Randy Celinski, the owner and president of AAA Wildlife Vancouver, is an industry leader in wildlife management and pest control. Whenever a news story about wildlife and pest control breaks in Vancouver’s lower mainland, media outlets come to Randy for his knowledge and opinion.

When the Vancouver Sun covered a story about a young couple’s frustration with a bat infestation that the municipality wouldn’t let them get rid of, they went to Randy to get his insight. He commented on the rarity of bat infestation in Vancouver and the lower mainland and the problems they pose when trying to remove them from a home.

“They’re not a concern in the roof and there may be more problems caused if they’re removed,” he said. “Like, the babies will become lost and start venturing more into the building.”

Randy also put to rest some common misconceptions about bats.

“They’re usually more afraid of you than you are of them,” he said. “They’ll only attack you if they’re sick. That’s the main concern.

During the Vancouver civic strike of 2007 the Province newspaper covered a story about the mounting piles of garbage on Vancouver streets and its effect on the mouse, rat, raccoon and skunk populations. Seeking the knowledge and insight of a wildlife professional, they went to Randy and AAA Wildlife and Pest Control.

Randy Celinski, president of AAA Wildlife Control in Vancouver, said small vermin are just the beginning of bigger problems to come. Slugs, snails and cockroaches are growing fat in the rising muck and producing offspring in ever-higher numbers.

“There are going to be more long-term effects,” said Celinski. “[The garbage] is going to allow a higher percentage of offspring from the spring and summer litters to survive. [Skunks] are going to eat mice, and slugs, snails . . . even the rats . . . There’ll be longer-lasting effects. I’m expecting a continued increase.”

Just this past summer there was an outbreak in the skunk population of North Vancouver and throughout the North Shore. CTV News in Vancouver broke the story and invited Randy onto their broadcast to explain the outbreak and how to prevent a skunk infestation on your property.

“At this time of year, the babies are starting to come out of the den sites with the mother and travel around and they’re just learning how to spray and use their defense mechanism,” said Randy Celinski, president of AAA Pest Control in Vancouver.

Randy described the conditions in which skunks will create a den and offered a refreshing opinion on dealing with skunks.

“Anywhere that’s very enclosed and secure, they will utilize as a den site,” he said.

“I think we just have to learn to live with them. I think they’re residents on the North Shore and we just have to deal with them like they have to deal with us.”

Randy Celinski, through his years of experience dealing with removal of all types of wildlife: rats, mice, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, birds, bats, etc., has established himself as an industry leader in wildlife and pest removal and is recognized as such by Vancouver’s most esteemed media outlets.

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