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How to Keep Raccoons out of Your Home During the Winter Months

Raccoons are pesky but incredibly intelligent critters. They have nimble hands that allow them to pry and claw their way into openings in buildings, homes, boats, sheds and other structures that can provide shelter when the weather begins to get cold. Raccoons are attracted to any area that “they feel is quiet and secure”. As such, it is common this time of year for homeowners to begin seeing the signs of raccoons around or even in their home. The Province recently ran an article that quoted our own Randy Celinski discussing some methods of deterring and discouraging raccoon activity around homes.

The Province Article about Deterring and Excluding Raccoons includes suggestions put forth by Randy Celinski:

  • Access Points: AAA Wildlife excels in not only removing the raccoons but also in identifying and sealing off potential access points such as chimney’s attics, decks and garages.
  • Debris: Ensure your home, garage and surrounding area are free of unnecessary debris and garbage.
  • Pet Food: Ensure that any pet food is sealed and stored in a sealed air-tight containers…not the original packaging.
  • Containers Sealed: Any garbage, recycling or compost bins should be sealed and locked tight to prevent raccoon entry/tampering. In some cases, a separate enclosure for the bin may be required.

If you think you have a raccoon problem, you should not try to remove them yourself. These animals have been known to carry some infectious diseases and they may become aggressive if they feel they (or their young) are threatened. It’s always better to call AAA Wildlife. Our trained technicians are here to help.

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