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Buyer Beware, The Wildlife and Pest Control Industry is Unregulated

Buyers beware when calling your Lower Mainland wildlife control. The quality of work from pest control companies is coming into question more and more as the industry remains for the most part unregulated. No license is required for wildlife control agents. No training or qualification is necessary as long as companies follow BCSPCA guidelines and do not kill the animals

The issue was brought to the forefront when a lady in Ontario called her local wildlife control to check for a raccoon she believed was in her attic. The pest control agency came and left, but the thumping from the attic persisted. Once a foul smell began to plague her home, she called the agency again but once again they deemed there to be no wildlife or pests in her attic. This pattern held true on 5 separate occasions when the wildlife control agency came to her house and claimed no raccoon was in the attic. Finally, when she came back from a vacation and the smell in her house had become accompanied by flies, she knew that there was indeed a raccoon in her attic and it was now dead. She called a different wildlife control agency, and sure enough they found the dead raccoon in her attic. The wildlife control agent said without doubt that the raccoon had been dead for at least 2 months before he found it.

Is this the type of service that you expect from your Vancouver wildlife control? Of course it’s not. However, with a lack of regulations and training for many wildlife control agents, this could very well be the case when you call up your Vancouver wildlife control agency. The government is not any position to license wildlife control agents, so there is no formal training issued. Many believe is the single biggest problem and one that does not have a foreseeable endpoint.

When it comes to pest control in your Vancouver home, perhaps the biggest pest wont be the one living in your attic, but rather the one who’s not trained enough to notice it. If you have a wildlife problem, call AAA Wildlife Control in Vancouver and put our 25+ years of experience to the test.

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