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Building Managers: Humane Wildlife Removal for Multi-Family Residence

AAA Wildlife Vancouver has been safely and humanely removing wildlife from multi-family residential buildings since 1993. We pride ourselves on not only looking out for the human occupants of homes and apartments, but also ensuring that the animals we move are relocated in a manner that allows them to continue their own lives, as well.

For building owners, managers and residence, we have developed a special set of tools and guidelines that will ensure a seamless and integrated procedure for all. The pest control and wildlife removal industry is not government regulated, meaning there are many companies through-out the Lower Mainland that claim to be professional, but do not take the proper care and attention to detail that we strive for. For more information about how we can help building managers, please read the following article, written by company founder Brad Gates:

A.C.M.O. – Solving Wildlife Problems: Challenges Confronting Property Managers by Brad Gates – President, Gates Wildlife Control

Please contact us, if you suspect there may be a wildlife problem in your building, and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for a full assessment.

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