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Animal Damage to your Vancouver Home

Houses in the Lower Mainland are susceptible to both unwanted wildlife and pests that can be both destructive and harmful to your Vancouver home. Animals such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and bats are all on Wildlife Control’s “Most Wanted” list.

Now you’re probably wondering what type of damage an animal that’s as tall as your forearm could do to your Vancouver home. The harm one of these wildlife animals can inflict on your home can cost you thousands of dollars and can easily go undetected. Examples include gnawing on your electrical wires that can cause house fires, insulation damage that can increase heating and cooling costs, and animal intrusion that can pose potential health concerns and allergic reactions.

These wildlife animals are small in stature but can cause big damage to your Lower Mainland home. When confronted by a wildlife or pest problem, be sure to contact either your local Wildlife Control or Pest Control immediately. AAA Wildlife and Pest Control has locations through-out the Lower Mainland. Our technicians are available until 9pm. So, if you need to contact us outside of office hours, please fill in the contact form on our contact page and a technician will respond.

Thank you for contacting us and we look forward to helping solve your wildlife problem.

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