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Property Damage

Holes: It’s no surprise that holes left in buildings are the number-one type of property damage associated with woodpeckers. A single woodpecker alone can create thousands of dollars worth of damage. Their characteristic pecking is done to attract mates, to establish and defend territory, to search for food, and to excavate nesting sites. Wood is not the only material susceptible to these birds. They can also damage metal and plastic gutters, light posts, and television antennas, though they tend to shy away from plywood and Masonite. The following are some other common woodpecker problems and some warning signs for you to look out for:

Lawn damage: Small holes are left in lawns when these birds hunt for insects.

Tree damage: Tree damage is minimal as woodpeckers tend to put holes only in dead trees that are filled with insects.

Health and Safely Risks

Woodpeckers pose no major health or safety risks to the human population.

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