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Everything You Wanted To Know About Pigeons

Wherever there are people, there are pigeons. They are descended from rock doves, which were originally domesticated for food and pets. Released birds are the forebears of today’s pigeon infestations, which plague cities across the globe. And because they have no natural enemies, pigeons have become the number one avian pest by far. The following are some more pigeon facts for Vancouver homeowners:


Everywhere people are found. Pigeons are especially numerous in urban areas and can be found in public parks as well as more industrialized, developed spaces. They nest in areas that protect them from the elements such as lofts, attics, and under architectural ornamentation.


Pigeons are monogamous and will lay one to two eggs, which hatch in about 18 days. They reproduce year-round with the young leaving the nest after four to six weeks, during which time more eggs are laid.

Food and Feeding

They will eat just about anything!

Morphology and Lifestyle

  • Length: 27 centimeters on average
  • Weight: 370 grams on average
  • Calls: Coos, moans and grunts
  • Lifespan: 3 – 4 years

Did You Know?

  • Pigeon fact: Droppings cause vegetation to decay, leading to order problems.
  • Pigeon fact: Pigeons are not migratory.
  • Pigeon fact: One pigeon can deposit over 11 kilograms pounds of droppings per year.
  • Pigeon fact: Pigeon nests can cause fires on electrical signs.

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