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A variety of bird problems can occur when they decide to nest within a residential or commercial structure. Birds can cause a number of health problems for building occupants and can damage some aesthetic and functional components of buildings. The following are some common bird problems and some warning signs for you to look out for:

Property Damage

Painted and finished surfaces: Bird droppings are highly acidic and prolonged contact with certain surfaces can erode paints and other coatings.

Inhibited ventilation and circulation: Birds nests are commonly located at ventilation points in buildings such as vents and soffits. Large nests can obstruct airflow and prevent your house from properly circulating and ventilating which, in the long-run can lead to mould and carbon monoxide issues.

Fire hazards: Birds also like to build their nests in chimneys which can cause smoke to back-up into the living-spaces or worse can catch on fire.

Health and Safety Risks

Mites, ticks, fleas: Birds nests are often infested with mites, ticks and fleas which can be a nuisance for humans as well as pets.

Histoplasmosis: If bird feces are inhaled, it can result in hisoplasmosis which is an incurable disease characterised by constant flu-like symptoms.

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