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Find out more about birds, including where they live and when they have babies.
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Common bird problems and warning signs to look out for.
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Common Urban Birds

Sparrows, starlings and pigeons are the most common bird species that come into conflict with people. These species vary in size and lifestyle but some general trends can be observed. The following are some more bird facts for Vancouver homeowners:

Their nests and droppings can cause significant odour, damage and human health concerns.

Most sparrows and starlings lay 6-7 eggs twice per year. Pigeons can lay 2-4 eggs all year round. One or two young usually die in the nest.


In the wild, birds will make their nests in trees and tall bushes. However, buildings offer an attractive and more secure setting for rearing young and these species will build nests in soffits, vents, roofs and chimneys.


Urban birds will mate once or twice per year and will lay 2 - 4 eggs. Typically, one or two young will die in the nest. The young will hatch within weeks and are reared in the nest for a few weeks following birth. When ready to fly, young birds will leave the nest and seek out a nest/mate of their own.

Food and Feeding

Depending on the species, birds will feed on seeds, fruit, insects, grubs and garbage. Mother birds can be seen frequently leaving and entering the nest with food to nourish the young birds to the point where they are able to fly away on their own.

Morphology and Lifestyle

  • Length: 3 to 10 in
  • Weight: a few grams.
  • Calls: Bird calls can vary in pattern frequency and pitch depending on the sex, age and species of bird.
  • Lifespan: 3-7 years depending on the species.

Did You Know?

  • Bird fact: Bird droppings are very acidic and can damage painted surfaces.
  • Bird fact: Birds nest can be very messy and can pose a serious fire hazard especially when built in chimneys.
  • Bird fact: Sparrows can fit through an opening the size of a golf ball.
  • Bird fact: Birds nests can be full of parasites and bacteria and should be handled only by trained technicians.

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