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wildlife conflict & animal control on squirrels | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver

The negative impact that interactions between humans and wild animals have on people and their resources or wild animals and their habitat are known as human-wildlife conflict. To eliminate human-wildlife conflict on your property, here are some things you can do: 1. Remove food sources One of the reasons wild animals may find their way […]

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Skunk Removal, Skunk Control | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver

Vancouver Animal Control: Skunk Removal

Even though skunks are small creatures that are on average 20 to 30 inches long (including their tails) and weigh between 6 and 10 pounds, they can strike fear in human beings. No one wants to be caught by a skunk’s sulfuric spay that can reach up to 10 feet and can be detected from […]

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Rat Removal Control Vancouver | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver

Tips for infestation prevention and rat removal in Vancouver. One of the greatest fears of a homeowner is a rat infestation. The sound of gnawing and scratching of wood is annoying, in some cases, even frightening, and is a subtle indicator of the enormous property damage the little creatures can create. Rats can enter your […]

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Vancouver raccoon removal services | AAA Wildlife Control Vancouver

Vancouver raccoon removal and reasons to hire a qualified technician. Raccoons are curious creatures who are accustomed to living near humans. They can be found in cities and suburbs alike. A raccoon infestation is a serious matter as they can cause significant damage to your home or office. Raccoons have been known to damage roof […]

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